Kristin Lang – “Freeze” in Lucid Dreaming

I had just read in Robert Waggoner’s book the section on addressing the awareness behind the dream. I went to bed that night and had the following dream:

I am in a boat on a waterway next to a little town. It is daytime and I can see some women sitting in an old cafe or diner on shore. I am suddenly inside and see them sitting at a booth talking. I then realize I am dreaming and become lucid. I approach them asking if they want to see something cool, which was going to be a way for me to show them that we were in a dream. They seem uninterested in what I am saying. however, so I decide I should just go ahead and show them, so they can also wake up in the dream.

I look outside and notice there are 2 boats going by on the water. One was a tug boat, the other one was smaller. In that moment, I remember I wanted to try to address the awareness behind the dream, so I raise my head, look up to the sky and shout, “FREEZE!” to see if the awareness was listening. Sure enough, when I look back out onto the water, the boats that were passing by came to a stop and everything in the dream was still.

I thought to myself, perhaps that was a tricky request given the boats were on water and it took a few seconds for the freeze to fully take place. In any case, I am elated that it actually worked! After acknowledging that I have indeed mad  contact with the awareness behind the dream, I then look back up to the sky and shout, “GO!” and then the boats carry on and the dream continues.

Next, I am inside again and I see another woman now with my friend Jane. I ask them if they know we are dreaming. They seem not to be aware, so I try to show them by making a pig’s tail grow on myself. I am on my hands and knees trying to grow a tail and start laughing out loud thinking how silly this is. Then I wake up.

I have never had a dream like this before and it would have never occurred to me to approach the dream in this way had I not read Robert’s book. What I learned was that I have so much more potential to explore in my dream states then I even imagined! Thanks Robert!