Kristie Jolly – Mirror Trigger in Lucid Dreaming


I woke up into the dream that became lucid from another dream I was trying to get out of. In the dream, I woke up in the house where I babysit and the mom of the baby brought me some clothes to change into because I was half dressed. I was so tired in the dream that I couldn’t keep my eyes open for more than a few seconds at a time and when I got up to go to the bathroom and change I kept stumbling. When I finally got to the bathroom I looked in the mirror and my face was covered in blood. I was bleeding from my eyes, nose and mouth. My forehead was caked in blood. I wasn’t scared though.


I just started thinking how weird it was that no one in the house had acknowledged my gruesome appearance that morning. I started to play the whole dream morning back through my mind (including the previous dreams I had) and thought it was all too real to be a dream. Then I went to raise my hand to my face to wipe some blood away. But the reflection in the mirror did not move. This is when I knew I was dreaming.


The mom had given me jeans and a tank top to change into, but I decided to change them into khaki overalls and a purple T-shirt. I looked back in the mirror and all the blood was gone. I knew at this point that I could do whatever I wanted.


I ran outside and it was the most beautiful sunlit wooded area I’ve ever seen. There was a stream running through it and I hesitated before I stepped into it, but then I thought, “This stream will be warm and healing.” I took my clothes off and began to swim in it. There was a woman with long, blonde hair nearby and I told her, “Thank you for creating this beautiful landscape.”