Ken Garcia – Bring This Picture Back in Lucid Dreaming

One night I kept repeating, “I will remember my dreams.” Then I dreamed my friend Jarl and I wound up in another world. We were in someone else’s house. It looked normal but I knew we were on another planet or we had time traveled somehow. We looked around for people but couldn’t find anyone. There were hallways and stairs. We went into the living room to see how they lived, what kind of things they liked. There was no TV or stereo. When I saw a shelf in front of a closet door, I started to realize I was dreaming.

I wanted to move the shelf to see what was in the closet. The shelf had a bunch papers on it. I walked back in the kitchen to look down the hallway again. The hallway was like the stairs in the back of a store; cement and cold. I saw two feet of a woman just going around the corner. I yelled, “HEY!” She started walking faster so I yelled again, “HEY!!!” I knew I had found someone in another world, finally.

She stopped. I had to crawl under a stair to get to her. She was standing in a doorway. It was sunny outside. I looked to my left and my daughter was smiling at me, hiding like a peek-a-boo game. I told the woman that my friend and I are from another world or time. I said, “We have found you through our dream.”

We went into the house; her husband was with her now. They were dressed like in the 1950s era. I told them and my friend not to forget we are dreaming. I told myself to become fully lucid and make the dream more clear. The center of my vision became blurry as I was trying so hard and realized I was losing control. I relaxed, and my dream became more clear.

The couple were staring at me, waiting for something. I smiled and floated to the ceiling. I floated around the living room. I pulled my legs up and was sitting like Yoda floating all around. I asked them, “Since we are all now lucid, what should we do?”

I thought, let’s write something on a piece of paper to take back with us. My friend grabbed some paper but every time handed it to me there was writing already there. I flipped through pages and every page had writing. He apologized and said he couldn’t control it. So I grabbed a different notepad and decided I would draw something to bring back in my pocket. I drew a red brick house with vines on the door and to the left of it. As I drew the vines, which were green and yellow, they began to grow and move around. Then I drew a window and red curtains, which blew in the wind as I drew them. A 1950s era cartoon character from Mickey Mouse came out of the window. He was running in the air across my page.

I realized at this point I can bring this picture back but it won’t be in my pocket. I said to myself, “Remember before you went to sleep you said: I will remember my dreams…I will remember my dreams.”