Kelly Frappier – Funny Faces in Lucid Dreaming


I began having lucid dreams about a year ago. At the time, I was not aware that this is something that people try to do, it just happened to me. First of all, the experience was very frightening. On many occasions I became aware that I was dreaming and tried to wake myself up. In the process, my body would not move even though my mind told it to. When I eventually did wake up, I would be in a panic. I couldn’t comprehend that this could be normal and I only shared it with my husband. I don’t think he understood nor believed me and I decided not to talk about it to anyone else.


The lucid dreams became more frequent and I started to just accept them without fear. I didn’t try to control the dreams but instead let them play out knowing it was just a dream. Most of the time when I do become aware that I am dreaming, I wake up soon after.


My most recent lucid dream right before Christmas affected me enough to do research on the internet only to find that I am not crazy. I see there are others out there who have them. The following dream is short but had a huge impact on my life.


I dreamed that I was with my family and enjoying their company. I don’t remember all the details except the part where I became aware that I was dreaming. I saw my mother (who passed away 10 years ago) sitting in a chair smiling at me. Immediately I became aware I was dreaming because in my dream I knew she had passed.


I began to cry in my dream. My mother began crying also. It was like saying goodbye to her again. I began sobbing harder as I looked at my mom. Then all of a sudden she started making funny faces. Ones that used to make me laugh when she was alive. I began laughing and so did she. There was a sense of peace that came over me.


I then woke up. I don’t believe I controlled this dream unless it was subconsciously, but it was an amazing experience.