Keith Bare – Flying With and Without Planes in Lucid Dreaming


I’m in a hotel-like room with a large window. The overall color scheme is a gray/blue. I’m eating a sandwich, and I wonder if I can go through the window while eating the sandwich. I either fly or walk to the window and pass through it without resistance. I’m in the air over some water, and I know I’m dreaming, although I do not have ecstasy, and I’m not saying out loud that I am dreaming.


I hear a small plane engine overhead. I fly up to the plane; I’m not looking at my hands or body. The plane is maybe 1,000 feet above me. As I get closer, I slow down, and I am having trouble reaching the plane. The plane changes from a Cessna single engine type to a WWII sort of a plane (my father was a pilot). I then say with a chuckle, “I command you to slow down.” The plane stops, and I see a door in the side of the fuselage. I enter the plane and there are a couple of stewardesses.


For some reason, I decide not to stay, and jump back out of the plane (no parachute). I know I’m dreaming, but it does look very high up. I wonder if I will have trouble slowing down. I do slow down, and then I find myself in a room with a couple of attractive women in their 30s. I’m on a bed next to them. I wake up and it’s time to go to work.


Comment: This is sort of a basic lucid dream. I’ve experienced lucid dreams since the 90s, but fewer as I’ve aged. I discovered hypnosis downloads a couple of years ago, and I listened to Eric Brown’s MP3 from Amazon after the next door neighbor woke me up at 4:30 a.m. (prime time REM). When he said, ‘rising above the earth,‘ I had substituted rising from the ground. I’d say that’s the main lesson, to use hypnosis early in the morning for dreaming.


The sandwich through the window could indicate that I’ve been eating more veggie meals. The lack of ecstasy is similar to my work day experience. I sort of regret not paying more attention to the stewardesses who were waiting for me in the plane, but it was fun to jump back to the ground. Hope this is the start of more lucid dreams.