Kayleigh Robinson – Exploring and Harnessing My Creative Mind in Lucid Dreaming


I created a dream plan on the 28th of March 2015 (one of the tools I learnt on Charley Morley’s lucid dreaming course). I had never practiced lucid dreaming before, my 1st dream course was in March, but my plan was ‘in my next lucid dream I would love to explore and harness my creative mind and see through ‘reality‘s boundaries.’ On the plan I wrote this, and drew a pictorial diagram and had a short statement of intent.


I became lucid twice on the 30th of March:


I was walking in a dark wood and suddenly a light came on and I heard the sound of a string pull light switch (like mine in my attic room). At this point I realised I was dreaming and became lucid. Still, I did the reality check I had been practicing; I looked at my hands and I had lots of fingers.


I started walking down a track in the woods quite fast, and I couldn’t stop, so I decided I would fly. Once I made the decision I held my arms up and I flew! It was amazing, I flew over some hills in the countryside – looked like the countryside where I live in the Yorkshire Dales, with little houses on the hillsides with twinkling lights in their windows.


On one hillside, I saw some cows, so I wondered if I could make one of them fly with my mind – as I know everything in the dream is me. So I concentrated on one of the cows and it levitated up into the air and came with me! I couldn’t hold my focus on it and it fell out of the sky. I panicked, at first thinking it was going to die when it fell to the ground. But I flew down after it, and as it hit the ground it burst into energy – like light- and in its place a baby cow stood there looking quite dismayed! I then lost lucidity.


But, later I found lucidity again, it was a different dream scene, I was in my grandparents‘ bungalow which looked like it did when I was a little kid. I looked at my hands and noticed I had 6 fingers (there were 2 little fingers) and at that point I became lucid.


In the dream scene I recognised my uncle Paul, me, my dad and grandparents who sat around the dinner table. There was a feeling in the dream; my grandparents weren’t acting as they would to their sons. It didn’t feel like they were their sons in the dream, so I realised that in the dream the dream characters of my grandparents are me but just looked like my grandparents. They also acted like my grandparents as I knew them, loving and caring.


That realisation of knowing everyone around the table was me made me feel more confident to do what I want in the dream. I started skipping freely around the kitchen and exploring. I said to my grandparents, ‘I know you are me and I don’t feel as shy knowing that, I don’t mean to be shy around the real you, it is just some sort of blockage I feel.’


So I think I definitely completed my dream plan there!