Katy Curtis – Rediscovering Powerful Art Objects in Lucid Dreaming



I am with my friend Erin in California and we’re in a car, she’s driving. I am dimly aware that I’m dreaming but not fully. It’s the 1920s and someone tells me there are a painting and a statue of me here. I want to find them. They tell me that there’s one to the left and one to the right. I feel like we go to the right. California is still undeveloped so we’re surrounded by nature. We take a turnoff and come upon an area with a bunch of tourist shops. We drive down the gravel driveway and then it becomes submerged in water.


I say we can’t go this way because it’s just for boats but Erin narrows her gaze at me as if to remind me that I’m dreaming and continues driving on the water. I remember that we aren’t constrained by the same laws as the waking world here.


Eventually we come to a building. It‘s made of concrete and is rounded, like a rounded cylinder but smaller at the top, in a sort of spiral shape that reminds me of a Richard Serra sculpture. I‘m with more people now and my companions say we should go in. They can‘t believe we‘re actually here at one of these houses, made by a famous architect. The house, along with the painting and sculpture of me in this dreamscape, no longer exist in the present time, but here we are.


Inside there are a lot of cool paintings on the wall. They seem really modern and it occurs to me that artists today are taking their cues from these artists of the past, many of whom are gathered here now. One painting is mostly black and it says ‘TRANSCENDENCE’ in bright orange letters. I ask if they have the painting of me here. A man says, ‘If we do, it‘s that one,’ and points to an abstract piece on the wall. It‘s green-black with a yellow shape in it. I keep looking at it and the black becomes the ocean. I do see myself there, with a big dark serpent wrapped around me like some kind of sea goddess. I wake up having found the painting but not the sculpture.