Katie – Dream Eyes Opened in Lucid Dreaming


My eyes just opened. I was in my mother‘s front room on a couch. (There is no couch in that room.) I knew I was lucid, knew I was dreaming. The brightness of the room was incredible.


I first tried to bring a fake potted flower to me. I watched it tumble towards me, but it landed on the couch. I thought ‘I’m wasting time’, and started flying about the house. I had the same thought again, and flew out the window, over trees, smelling the apples.


It was fall. (While in reality it was winter.) Over rooftops towards downtown with no destination in mind, I saw a woman in an ally carrying a baby, and wondered if they would see me if they looked up. But I woke.


I didn’t know about intention then, or prolonging lucid dreams. That was my best lucid dream, though too short, after a couple of scary short ones of my dream eyes opening to lucidity. So much fun!!!!