Karl Boyken – The Golden Door in Lucid Dreaming


I’m in a store in a mall. An automaton who looks like Jude Law is here. He wants to kill me, because he’s been accidentally misprogrammed. There’s nothing malicious about him; he’s just doing what he’s programmed to do.


I run away, looking for a place to hide. I run into another store, but the storeowner, an old woman, looks scared. So I run back out into the mall. I see a big golden door in a wall. It doesn’t belong here. For some reason, I think that because the door appears out of place, Jude Law won’t find me if I go through it. So I push the door open and walk through.


I’m in a big stairwell leading down. For some reason, I now realize I’m dreaming. I hurl myself down the stairs and will myself to fly. Just before I hit the bottom, I do fly. I float down a hall into a big room full of people, whom I realize somehow are all lucid dreamers. Down the middle of the room is a long, narrow table filled with sleeping people– nonlucid dreamers.


I decide to try pulling these nonlucid people into lucidity. The other lucid dreamers don’t think it will work. I choose one of the nonlucid sleepers, a guy who reminds me of Bryce, a former co-worker. I decide to take him flying with me. I pull on him, but he’s too heavy for me. This puzzles me–this is my dream, and if I decide I can take this guy flying with me, then why can’t I get him into the air? I ask another lucid person to help me. As we tug on the sleeper, I look around and wonder whether anyone here has ever tried to pull me into lucidity.  


This dream happened after I’d wondered about trying to trigger lucidity in other dream characters. Thinking of dream characters as parts of me, would making them lucid somehow transform me, make the waking me more lucid? (I’m sure this idea isn’t original to me; in fact, I think I remember reading it somewhere, maybe in The Lucid Dream Exchange.)