Kalah M Simpson –  “We are Not of the Universe” in Lucid Dreaming

It started as a typical dream, I was roaming the streets of some city with three women I felt I knew very well. At some point while we were walking I stopped and looked at the women and suddenly realized I might be dreaming and became lucid. This time, for whatever reason, I was feeling inquisitive – I wanted to know where I was and how this dream stuff works, so I asked…

[This is a dialogue between me and one of the girls, I‘ll call her Britt]

Me: ―Am I dreaming?

Britt: ―Yes, you are.

[At this point I look into her eyes, because in my past experience in dreams eyes always look fake. They looked as real as can be. This was happening as we got in a truck to go to their house.]

Me: ―Are you a part of my dream; you seem so real!

Britt: ―No, silly. You are a part of our world. I am as real as you are.

[At this point we get to their house and go inside where we sit around a circular table littered with sticky notes and cards, and the TV is on. I have to keep looking at my hands to prevent waking up.]

Me: ―So what is this place?

Britt: ―This is our home.

Me: ―No, I meant this dream, where is it taking place. Is this another world?

Britt: ―No, we are not of the universe.

Me: ―Well then…where? Is this like a different dimension?

Britt: ―You could call it that. This place is an infinite space without matter. There are only thoughts here, only imagination. We don‘t have bodies to weigh us down, we are free flowing energy.

Me: ―So, why does everything look so normal here? I mean you all look human like me.

Britt: ―That‘s because your thoughts make what you see. Your thoughts form the energy into imagery you can understand. Everything around you is energy, not matter. Your material brain isn‘t meant to understand this. Your kind is so used to everything having purpose and being understood, it is hard for you to comprehend a place like this.

Me: ―Wow, I‘ve been waiting to learn this stuff my whole life. I wish I could tell the world, but no one would believe me…

Britt: ―Don‘t worry about convincing others, they will all figure it out in time.

[Now I look over at the TV, it looks like a commercial. This one is different than anything I have ever seen though. The background picture is just colorful waves and there‘s a strange writing scrolling up the screen – image at the bottom]

[It’s normal for me to see English alphabet letters in my dreams, even if distorted or hard to read, but I had never seen anything like those symbols in dreams or while awake]

Me: ―What is that on the screen, those symbols?

Britt: ―Those are words…

Me: ―I see that but what language is that, is it yours?

Britt: ―No, it‘s yours.

Me: ―I don‘t recognize it. I want to keep a sample of this, write something down so I can memorize it. I‘ll write something for you too. Do you have paper?

[At this point the three girls are silent as I search through the stuff on the table for unused sticky notes. I finally find some and tear off two of them, but as soon as I reach out to hand one to Britt I suddenly wake up without warning.]

Once I woke up I drew what I could remember of the symbols on the screen. The ones I drew are not the exact symbols I saw, I couldn’t remember them individually, but it represents the style of the writing and the parts of letters that I did remember.