Kai M – Playing With Dream Powers in Lucid Dreaming


So I‘ve been trying to get lucid for a long time now and I finally got it! I‘ve been doing so many things to help do it. Eating sunflower seeds (has a mineral or something in it to help), using the oculus (virtual reality adds another reality to what you know, making your brain think about it more, meditating a little, trying to SP, and more! And now I finally got it! Of course the dream is short because I woke up around 8, fell back to sleep at 9, and 9-9:45 I had it. (Keep in mind that in dreams you can be much dumber than in waking.)


So in the dream I started out in my living room. In front of me was my friend Connor and two dream characters – I forget who they were. I didn‘t notice my dream from a reality test like looking at the clock or counting my fingers – no it was just that I noticed my surrounding house was changing each time I looked at it; it seemed off. When I noticed I said, ‘Hey, I‘m dreaming! Holy shiznit! I‘m having a lucid dream!’ I tried to tell my friend Connor but of course he, or I guess myself, didn‘t understand.


So after I tried explaining a lucid dream to the dream character, I flew up stairs and back down, changed shirt colors, and messed around with my powers. Again, I‘m dumber in dreams so I didn‘t use my full potential. I tried really hard summoning someone I know to knock on my door, but failed, and when I went outside I was at my middle school (I‘m in high school now) and all the bus’s were leaving. I hopped in one, and the bus started moving.


I fooled around in there too, feeling the glass on the window, and then putting my hand through it, and changing more shirts. I was starting to lose my grip on my dream and slowly, little by little, forgetting. For no reason whatsoever I‘m like, “Let‘s go to Disneyland! (I haven‘t even been there since I was a baby) but when I got there it was some pilgrim settlement or something, and then after walking around a little, I tried thinking of Disneyworld because I went there a couple of years ago and actually have memory of it.


Well… I broke the dream. Some rides appeared and combined with the pilgrim place, and I started closing my eyes a lot, walked toward a ride with my eyes closed, and when I opened them, I was awake.