Judith Marcus – Lucid Explorations in Lucid Dream

OMG I just had the most amazing lucid dream! I realized very quickly that I was dreaming when I found myself inside of a craft that was flying very low to the ground and in fact after a while it seemed to be flying inside of a huge resort of some kind.

I was really enjoying the feeling of flying, it was very quiet and kind of like being on a ride at an amusement park. My daughter was with me at first and then she got out and went exploring on her own. I finally decided to ditch the ride and realized I didn’t need it as I was floating round the resort on my own without the need for any help. I went from room to room exploring by myself and at one point met up with my daughter again and we ran into my brother who has been deceased for over six years. He looked wonderful!

I smiled at him and he smiled back and told me to work on my studies and maybe I could get into his college where he was involved in lots of sports. I asked which were his favorite sports and he told me basketball, baseball and hockey. Leah then told him that I was coming to her house later this month and invited him to come for dinner. He said he would if he could and then floated away.

At about this moment I had the thought that I hoped my alarm was not close to going off because I wanted to keep looking around and experimenting with the state I was experiencing. I moved from room to room seeing what different things were happening in each room, and people didn’t seem to notice I was there unless I talked to them directly.

I went into one room with a long mirror and looked at myself. I have always felt that I was a ballet dancer in a past life and since I knew I was dreaming I decided to see what I could do with my body. I managed a very long extension. I then went to another room and it seemed to be filled with a lot of antiques and jewelry. There were a couple of people there, but they didn’t seem to see me. Then my cat who was curled up beside me sleeping yawned and woke me up.

During the whole dream I was aware that I was dreaming and I couldn’t believe how real it all felt. It was amazing! I just had to write it down, so I decided to share it with you. That is the longest lucid dream I have ever had where I was completely aware of the dream state while experiencing it. Just amazing!