Joshua Beam – Dreamers Gateway in Lucid Dreaming

On December 13, 2015, around midnight, I was lying on my mom’s sofa. I had spent the last hour trying to consciously connect with my inner self to find answers to personal questions, using a process known as “image streaming”. This involves first asking a clear question aloud to the Inner Self, followed by a request to the Inner Self for it to immediately send a mental picture into the conscious awareness. The answer is obtained by correctly deciphering or interpreting this picture. I was trying, without success, to decipher an image I had received in answer to a question about my true spiritual path.

I fell asleep exhausted, lying on my side. I regained awareness several hours later, but I only opened my eyes briefly. I did not move my body. I began to focus on my third Eye, and the vibrations came almost immediately – sweeping back and forth over me in waves. I felt my dream legs begin to float upward, and soon I was upside down, my legs and torso high up in the space above my head. The vibrations were on.

At this point, I recalled my earlier attempts to connect with my inner self. I began to mentally focus on my Inner Self. Almost immediately, a tunnel appeared over my feet (I was still upside down) and I was drawn into, and through it, at tremendous speed. I perceived this tunnel to be about 10 feet wide, with a glowing, ridge-like surface. I had no control of my movement. I suddenly exited the tunnel, finding myself in what appeared to be a void. Total darkness, except for a single light – a brilliant Sun – that happened to be in front of me.

I immediately ‘recognized’ this ‘Sun’ to be my Inner Self. It appeared brighter than the sun, but its light was ‘soft’ – it didn’t hurt my eyes. It immediately started communicating to me telepathically. It told me it had “higher knowledge” that it wished to download into my mind, but my mind was (is) “too undeveloped” (!) to receive it. After a moment of silence, I asked it to help me manifest financial abundance. It telepathically replied, “I will decide.” I found myself suddenly moved through the tunnel again, and back into my body. I consider this to be a genuine encounter with my Inner Self – the first of its kind in my life.

I was practicing the WILD technique at bedtime for many nights as an early practice to learn lucid dreaming predictably (not realizing that is the hardest time to do it). Some nights I’d spend hours meditating in the darkness. Several of those nights, the hypnogogic imagery would come and I would manage to keep my conscious awareness through it. Suddenly, the imagery would stop and I would see only darkness followed by beautiful confetti of orange and golden light forming around me. Through each piece I could see what looked like clouds and I would suddenly get a sense of falling like I’d just been put on a rollercoaster. It was intensely beautiful but the falling sensation jolted me awake each time.

One night after I was jolted awake by this, I immediately put myself back in the same position and managed to slip back into it. Instead of a dream scene I found myself bodiless within a void of darkness and glimmering orange/gold hues. I sensed another presence with me and asked, “What’s with the special effects I see each time?” and the response I got still puzzles me: “I do that to make it easier for the dreamers to enter dreams.” It puzzles me because “dreamers” was plural but I didn’t catch the significance while I was in the dream. I then asked to be shown what it’s like to have an OBE and was given the ride of my life.

I’ve had a few other lucid dreams since then, but never received an answer to the “dreamers” question. Every time I ask, something happens to distract me instead of getting an answer, always causing me to wake right after. I hope some day my Inner Self will quit dodging the question.

On a side note, the day after each of those WILD induction experiences, waking reality was much more “real” and vibrant. Sight, hearing, smell, touch, taste…it was as if it suddenly felt like more to be “me”. Can only imagine what waking perception will be like if I master that technique!