Josh Stevens – Five of the Best Minutes of My Life in Lucid Dreaming


On my 50th lucid dream, I became lucid in this truck driving through these beautiful mountains overlooking a city somewhere in what I believed was Russia. I was pretty wrapped up in the lucid dream and everything I was seeing, but then I had this thought, “I should try what Robert suggested in his book.”


I then spoke out to my dream, “I want to see something important!” Just like a movie, the lucid dream slowly faded to black and I appeared in this dark place which seemed like space. My body was just floating in this darkness and a ball of energy was moving all around my body. It was the most perfect love, peace, and power that I have ever experienced in my life! (It felt personal as if it was the creator.)


The power was so strong I actually woke up out of it, but then as quickly as possible I shut my eyes and continued in this experience for over 5 minutes. It was probably 5 of the best minutes of my life.


When I thought things couldn’t get any better, I was taken up, up and away! I then slowly descended as if I were falling with a parachute with the ever so slightest rotation so I could see this incredible place. As I was slowly falling upon this place everywhere I could see there were golden sparkles twinkling around me. It was the most beautiful magical garden with the essence of life scattered throughout it. It felt like heaven.


I spent the next 10 minutes exploring this magical place. It’s been two months since I had this experience and I’m still radiating the excitement I received from this encounter. I know something in me has changed.