Josh Langley – Trying to Experience Dual Consciousness in Lucid Dreaming


I had intended to run an experiment to see if I could go lucid and still acknowledge my sleeping self at the same time. After went back to bed after being up for about 15 minutes, I incubated a lucid dream with the intention to see if I could be aware that I‘m in bed asleep as well as lucid dreaming.


I‘m dreaming I‘m walking to the back of a shop with small offices and a clearing at the end of a corridor where I see a desk. I turn around and see the desk is different and that triggers lucidity.


I immediately remember my instruction of remembering I‘m still back in bed while having this experience and I‘m thinking about being in the two places at once with dual consciousness and I feel the sensation of oscillation in my dream body. I then direct a request to the dream itself or the awareness behind the dream: ‘Show me what is real!’


I cannot remember a thing after that! It was a bit of an anticlimax, but it taught me that at least I can remember to run the experiments!