Josh Langley – How Changeable is My Dream in Lucid Dreaming?


I’m in a hospital ward, one of those old, 1950’s ones, a little creepy in fact, when I become lucid. Earlier during the day I’d been thinking about what to do if I’d had a lucid dream and I thought about reality testing the scene of the dream to see how changeable it is. Now I had the perfect opportunity to do so.


I’m now standing in this hospital ward and I’m lucid with full consciousness and thinking awareness and remember my goal, so I decide to wipe the slate clean and say out aloud, ‘Make everything disappear,’ and it does. I’m standing in a completely white, empty room, devoid of anything.


‘I want a chair,’ and a single wooden chair appears.


‘I want a table,’ and a matching table appears.


It’s at this point either the task is so boring or I lose lucidity, but dream images started to filter back in and I am swept up in another dream unrelated to what I was jus doing.


However the task did answer my question, regarding the fact that I can change any aspect of a dream.