Jose – Weird Lucid Dream in Lucid Dreaming


This was a very weird lucid dream, I was suddenly speaking a different language, but I noticed it wasn‘t me in my body (space). I looked down the hall-way from my living room house and I saw an apparition of someone, I didn‘t pay attention, but then I told it to appear. Then I felt this presence that was taking care of me. I was not so lucid but when this person (if you can call it that) started talking to me I knew I was very lucid, my mind or my presence felt very weird – it felt expanded within the dream.


This person appeared in the form of a tall skinny lady, with big rounded eyes, big pupils, who talked to me. It said to me that I was somewhere that was very far. She then became a ‘he‘ and said it had helped me come back – that I had been there for a very long time. I knew It had been just a thought but I was lucid. I knew that in real life this thought had expanded in time. She also said I should be more careful with the people I would meet or run into, in this new place. It explained to me that people out there are good and bad, as here on earth and that even good people sometimes have bad intentions, and that I shouldn‘t trust anyone.


I surely felt comfortable with her or him, and I wanted her to feel my gratitude as a sign of my appreciation. I then touched her knee with my hand but then, again, she told me I shouldn‘t do that because I was transmitting my thoughts, feelings and energy. I kind of understood that I should just observe and not stand in anyone‘s way. It told me to stay focused so that I would not go into the next dream. I kind of shifted the dream but I was still lucid. I then saw snakes coming from the kitchen door, into the living room where I was sitting down in the sofa with this person. When I saw the snakes I jumped to the sofa.


I thought It was kind of a test to see if would change mood. I did get anxious the snakes were passing by my feet, though I did kind of ignore them, but then I closed my eyes and tried to stay focus. I was trying not to be scared. Suddenly when I had my eyes closed, the man or woman threw a snake onto my lap, I felt it go down but remembered not to panic. I didn‘t change my dream. I remained there; I thought that probably the fear was going to shift or wake me up. But it didn‘t.


Then I asked him what would happen if I grabbed a snake. It told me It could sometimes be as dangerous as in real life, that I should be careful because things in that world were not what they appeared. I then switched my dream a little by still remaining in the living room. I could swear that I had woken up and that I was remembering that dream that I had…. I then went to another dream but lost lucidity.