Jose Sanchez – The Key is Inside of Us in Lucid Dreaming


I was dreaming that I was in my sister‘s house out in the suburbs of El Paso, Tx. I was seeing her house. It was kind of like the same one she lives in, but this one was new and bigger. Outside the window I saw it was raining, so I told my sister, ―Let‘s leave before the storm gets here.‖ When we were leaving I saw the sky was dark, a very huge dark storm was heading our way. I kind of felt the cloud carry something else.


I was going down the road but then decided to stop and move something; I got busy and forgot about the dream. But then suddenly I saw a fairy. The fairy was flying. I was so excited to see one. I asked the fairy if I could go with her. I was still like in a dream, but I still told my sister that I was with something; then that I would be right back.


When I asked the fairy, ―Can I go fly with you?‖ the fairy then put her hand on my head while another one that came later had my hand. The fairies were about one to two feet tall. They made me start vibrating. It then all became very lucid and more real than reality, I was awakened.


The fairies then elevated me, then submerged me quickly into the ground. I passed through middle earth, and then saw a very bright and colorful lively cave that was underground but like in another realm which I knew was within this dimension, this was the home of the fairies.


I saw other fairies, and I smiled at them. I was amazed at what my eyes were observing. I saw much more stuff. I was still lucid I think, but then the fairies kind of let me go so that I would experience other places on my own.


I went further down, deep into this world I was in. I can say all this was inside this world but like in another dimension. Then I came to a place that was like a sun that was inside this earth but the sun was opaque. I saw a bunch of lizard like animals – they looked so evil I felt I would have to fight them. But when I came closer to one I saw its face: it was a gigantic Dragon.


I fought him though, then realized they were harmonic creatures, that had an evil disguise to scare whomever wanted to hurt them. They kind of played with my mind, tricking me into leaving their realm.


Suddenly I realized I was out there in the cosmos, just floating at peace witnessing how grandiose everything is. I saw how everything is connected – the stars, the planets, the galaxies, and how everything became so tiny it appeared to be like a spider‘s web or a cotton ball. I was so far, far away that I felt lost but didn‘t care.


After this I came suddenly back to my childhood home. I was in the living room. I saw this dwarf by me and I thanked him for bringing me back and helping me find my way back home. I asked him for his name, he said something really long starting with the letter ―S.‖ I thanked him. I remember him smelling very repugnant like an odor similar to dirt or cheese. He had a white handkerchief on his left hand. He was looking for a door through the wall; he kind of drew a white square like a door on the wall. While he was doing this I yelled so that my sister would see the dwarf that was in the house, but like always she got there too late, the dwarf was gone, gone through that square he had drawn.


I think I had another dream after this one but then when I woke up, my entire being felt so much fulfillment, peace, and love. I was amazingly transformed. It made me believe in other worlds, dimensions, realms. I DISCOVERED that the key is inside of us that these realms are not to be found out there that they are all secretively hidden within.