Jose Sanchez – Flying to Another Dimension in Lucid Dreaming


I was being pulled down to the ocean by this ugly looking body minutes had passed by and I felt I was not drowning.. Suddenly I realized I was not trying to breath, underwater. Then when realizing this, I took a deep breath, realizing I was dreaming. This is when I became Lucid. All my fears of dying disappeared. I started swimming, what I did next was that I grabbed the body and squeezed it into a small pile and threw it away.


I then switched into another scene where I was in my hometown. I wanted to fly and I tried flapping my arms but my body was heavy after trying a few times I flew into a tree. I saw something catch my attention in the sky – it was like a hole, swirling. I wanted to go to it but then again I couldn‘t. I knew this would take me into another world. This was a very long lucid dream and I switched scenery like five times, though remaining lucid throughout.


My intention was to keep my thought in being aware that I was dreaming. I said to myself I wanted to see the sun and the planets, but then the sun appeared in my house‘s front patio. I felt its warmth, but then the sun changed and went inside this box, which was weird, so it kept me thinking this was a dream. Then in the dream I saw a dog and I told myself if this is a dream , something weird will happen, I hugged the dog, but then instantly I saw another one exactly the same walk by while the one I was hugging was trying to bite me. From here I LAUNCHED myself lucidly into the sky, but the electrical wires in the street, shocked me.


I had this happen to me before in other lucid dreams so I said to myself this will not stop me I will keep on going, so as fast I thought of this I passed by the wires to continue on flying. I flew above my town and I saw a waterfall. I was having this really awesome experience which was very vivid. I felt something inside of me spark and again thought I hope nobody sees me flying. I kept on flying to the outskirts of the town where I was being guided by someone, then I was floating in this one place out in the hills, where I was concentrating in being, ready to be launched off.


Now, some angelical voice was telling mewhat to do, I was seated like in this baby carriage, I even put seat belt on jajaj.. Then the countdown from 2 started: two, one.. I knew I was going to be flying off to that swirrling hole… I was excited! I wanted to see this other dimension , but as I was moving very fast through space, I suddenly, woke up. My body was like an object lying in the bed. It felt very empty, but then I slowly felt this weird sensation I was getting back to my body.