Jonah Strand – Moving a Van with My Mind in Lucid Dreaming


I am playing catch with someone in the parking lot of an Albertson’s. All of a sudden I think to myself, “This is a dream,” so I ditch the random dude I was playing with. I want to fly!


I get a running start, and jump into the air. I don’t fly – instead I sort of glide for 10 feet or so but then skid face first into the cement. It didn’t hurt. In fact, it was as if I was watching it happen from the sidelines. Pretty bummed, I go converse with the crowd of people in front of the entrance to the store. I get bored and decide to stand by a maroon red van (not a mini van but a van). I hold my hand out, thinking of how I want the van to move.


It doesn’t move how I thought it should, but it rises into the air about a foot high, then crashes back down. “Well that’s cool,” I think. I turn around and hear cheering. The crowd of people have seen me do this. So I turn to the van and lift it again to show off. Still it doesn’t move the way I was thinking, but I still impressed the crowd with the flip I made it do. After that it’s blurry. I seem to be lost or like I missed part of a movie. I see a goblet falling in slow motion. Then I become aware of where I am again. I’m not in the same place. I can’t remember where I was. I woke up.