Johnny Hanson – Lucid Dream Within Dream

Just a few nights after having my most elaborate lucid dream, the night after quitting smoking cigarettes, I had another lucid dream, where I had lucid dream sex for my first time.

Here is the dream:

I am at a cabin with random classmates from different classes I’ve taken over the years. A friend is here, along with a couple of males and females that I didn’t know very well. I fall asleep on a couch in the cabin while my classmates interact in the same room. I begin to dream and in the dream within the dream, I have a realization that all my dreams are real memories, from a superposition of memories, based on the many worlds theory in quantum physics—that dreams are actually real.

I keep partially waking up in the cabin, going back and forth between the dream and the cabin, as I drift in and out of sleep. I begin to sleep talk, telling those in the cabin that I am simultaneously in the dream world and waking reality—that the separateness is an illusion. I tell them that time as we know it is irrelevant in this state, and I can cross dimensions of time at will through dreams.

I see my friend from school hovering over me; she is looking and listening to me curiously. I think to myself that I should wake up to have a clear memory of what is happening. I wake into the cabin and tell my classmates of my experience. After interacting for a bit, my classmates start to all cuddle together. They invite me but I feel uncomfortable and leave. I think about the dream experience I just had and recognize that I’m still dreaming!

I become lucidly aware and excitedly contemplate what I should do. I see various dream characters and approach them, telling them excitedly that we are all in a dream. Each of them defensively replies that it isn’t true, this isn’t a dream.

I decide to focus on the dream characters. I feel in awe at the detail and beauty of their features. I recognize that they all seem unconscious, too. I approach this beautiful black female dream character, and am struck by how beautiful she is as I inspect her face closely. I am drawn to kiss her, and this leads to awesome lucid dream sex (first time this has happened), which causes me to lose lucid awareness by the time we are done. At one point I became conscious enough to suggest to myself to wake up, to remember all this. Which I did briefly, but was too tired and fell back asleep.