Johnny Hanson – Existential Crisis in Lucid Dreaming

There is something beyond words about this state of consciousness I’ve been experiencing that is simultaneously integrated in the dream and waking reality. I recently woke up briefly from a normal dream. I was not very conscious and, knowing I’d fall back asleep and dream again, I attempted to maintain consciousness as I fell back asleep. I fell asleep but I kept waking up as I tried to sleep from hearing noises in the house:

I keep thinking to get up and check but am too tired. I then wake up more and look down at my feet, and my body slowly starts to move towards the direction my feet are pointing. I feel my body vibrating and it feels just like sleep paralysis from an out-of-body experience I recently had.

I continue to remind myself to stay calm and maintain a level of consciousness and watch what happens. I feel awake though as I watch my feet and body slide horizontally off the bed and then float above the ground. My feet go into the hall, about 15 feet away to a wall. I then watch my feet start to slowly move up the wall vertically as my body stays straight. I notice clothes in the hall and remind myself to go check if they are there after I come out of it.

I find myself back on the bed, and feel tired and want to go back to sleep. I look at the clock; it is 3 o’clock. I tell myself to get up to check the hall and write down what happened. I start to fall asleep though, and I wake up to a noise. I get up, look down the hall and see the clothes on the floor that I saw in my OBE! Then I message a friend and tell my friend all about what just happened. Then I wake again, and decide to get up to check if any of this happened. There was a different mess in the hall; that didn’t make sense. I felt an existential crisis and woke again for real this time. I look at the clock (fully awake this time!) and it says 3:30.