Johnny Hanson – After the Drought in Lucid Dreaming

I had been frustrated with my lack of lucid dreaming for months. Then on the first night that I quit smoking I had the most elaborate lucid dream I’ve ever had. I had to wake up enough to remember it . . . but realized if I had continued sleeping I would have forgot. I think my lucid dream “drought” is more of not being conscious enough to recall my dream experiences. Withdrawals are not the best thing to seek. I find this to be one of many ways to improve dream recall. MILD technique has worked. Drinking coffee before a nap has worked. For some reason, eating sugary, fruity candies before bed have worked for me, too! Especially Starburst and Airheads. Here is my dream from that night:

I am in some sort of dark maze, kind of like a petting zoo as well. I remember seeing rats. I had my cat Scratch (who died years ago) with me, and my family was there. I interacted with my brother Brent.

At some point I am in a sort of two-story cabin interacting with my family. They are all getting ready for bed. I see my cat, but it appears to be Legion this time. She seems scared and upset, even scared of me. I try to get her, to hold her, but she keeps evading me. I eventually grab her, and she is freaking out. I pet her to calm her down, and she won’t calm down. I think if I put my face up to her face and rub heads that it’ll be reassuring to her, but am afraid because of how upset she is. When I put my face up to her, she tries to bite me, so I drop her to the ground. I think, “Legion wouldn’t do this, I must be dreaming.”

I wake in the cabin and think about the dream, wondering about the meaning of it. Suddenly, I realize that I don’t think I brought Scratch back from the maze thingy! I get excited at the thought that she may have communicated to me in the dream for help, since I left her there. I realize it’s been two hours, so I scramble in the kitchen looking for cat food to bring outside to find her. I can’t find it. I wake my Mom and she gets annoyed at me. I tell her what I’m doing. She eventually directs me to the food.

I am panicking, but I begin to recall what happened and suddenly realize that even the maze thing was a dream—my cat is fine. After retracing my steps to the present moment, I realize I am currently dreaming.

I get excited, tell my family that I’m dreaming and walk outside. I start telling myself that I’m dreaming as my awareness arises and intensifies. I am walking down a street surrounded by tall trees, and the vividness and beauty of the surroundings intensify with my awareness. Instead of flying or controlling the dream, I surrender to the dream, opening up my arms, then looking to the sky, and yelling to the dream, or greater awareness and even “God,” to show me what I need to see or know. I am more lucid then I ever remember being before, full of curiosity and suspense at what could happen as I remain open to what the dream wants. As I do this I can see the sky is dark bluish with the tops of trees in my vision.

Everything is beautiful and vivid and the trees begin to move as if breathing, and then begin to move in a spiral, until a full spiral forms in the center of my vision and symbols and shapes randomly appear and disappear as fractals. The sky behind it turns black and the fractal images disappear until I’m in n o t h i n g but blackness. I start to wonder if I’m still dreaming or if the intensity of what I just saw woke me up.

I think I must just be laying down with my eyes closed. I try to be aware of my actual body asleep in bed, and open my eyes. I feel myself in a state of sleep paralysis, and remain calm until I feel string around my neck, choking me. I panic and start thrashing and pulling at the string. I awake to a bed with strings wrapped around my neck and arms, attached to some kind of medical spinal board next to me in the bed.

I recognize I’m in the cabin again and yell repeatedly for help as I get myself free and out of bed. My Dad runs up and asks me what’s wrong. I realize I’m still dreaming and immediately wake up (for real this time), while still yelling for help.