John Galleher – 7/29/2011 Lucid Message in Lucid Dreaming


I dreamed I was in my friend Michael’s home. There was flooding and water was starting to warp the wood of his floor. I woke up here and then followed the sound current back into dreaming.


Now I was jogging down a road and I came to a drawbridge over a river. The bridge was in the up position so I couldn’t cross. I decided to jump over the rail and then swim across the river.


I dove deep underwater and the water seemed so clear that I felt like I could breathe it. I took a deep breath and became lucid. I floated to the surface and easily swam to the far side.


I stood on the shore and called for my dream guide, the Goddess. I saw a young woman approaching. She was wearing a black and white print dress and seemed to be of Hispanic heritage.


I asked her if she was the Goddess and she said “Yes”. I then asked her name and she said “Selena”. She handed me a piece of paper with writing on it


It said “My family has a history of depression that started when a young man fell out of a boat and drowned”. The note didn’t make any sense to me and as I struggled to figure it out I lost my lucidity.


The next morning I went to visit my friend Michael to tell him my dreams. His eyes opened wide as I recounted the story. First, he said that the previous night his roof had leaked and he had to put plastic over his wooden floor to keep the wood from warping.


Then he said that he and his father had a difficult relationship because of his father’s depression. His father told him that it started when his father was young and that his best friend had gone out in a boat in a storm and drowned.