John Bruce Bedford – Goodbye My Friend in Lucid Dreaming


I was dreaming, as normal, like you do, when suddenly, while walking down some fire escape stairs, and glancing into another room, I saw a friend of mine who passed away in a road accident earlier this year. It was such a blatant dream sign (((BANG))) I became lucid. Then I walked up to him “hiding all my emotions” and as he liked sparring, I put on some gloves and said, ‘Teach me something mate, because I really don’t know a thing,‘ while again “hiding all my emotions.”


A few minutes later, it all got too much for me. “He doesn’t know,” I thought, so I said to him, “Come outside mate.” So we walked through this door, which happened to lead us to a kind of roof-top terrace, which overlooked the hazy orange streets below, as the sun was in its last moments of the day.


Then all of a sudden, spontaneously, I took his hand, and walked forward to the roof-top terrace edge, and said, “Mate, come with me,” and with my full intention, and something I have been unable to do in months now, I/We rose up off the ground, and then flew up into the sky…


I was amazed at how easy it seemed, and he was amazed, for obvious reasons. We started flying over houses and unknown buildings and places, truly breathtaking, and emotionally perfect, like God touched my stomach or something.


Then we settled on the roof of this other building, and before he could speak/express himself about what just happened, I rested my two hands on his shoulders, and started crying like a five year old. I wanted to tell him what had happened to him, but I couldn’t do it, it just wasn’t fair. So I looked at him in the eyes, and said, “Mate, some people have to go and we don’t know why.”


Still crying my eyes out, with him looking a little confused I said, “Sometimes you know when there are accidents, and people don’t come back, this is OK, you know, they get looked after, I promise.”


Then he sort of nodded, and I saw a deep realisation in his eyes, whether that meant he knew, or he just agreed, I am not too sure, but anyway I stopped sobbing, and apologised, partly because I didn’t want to distress him. Then as I pulled away, and took a step back, the theme tune from Ghost started playing out of the sky, and yes, this was my cue, my cue to say good bye. So I did, and no sooner had I done this, than my surroundings became unstable, fell apart, and a moment later, I woke up with two tear trails on the sides of my face.


God! The Universe! Whichever! Thank you so much for giving us humans the ability to experience the wonders and profoundness of lucid dreaming, thank you forever.