Joachim – Lucid Healing in Lucid Dreaming

My lucidity was ignited within a regular, unconscious dream, when I realized that my grandmother, who was talking about futile things with me, was actually deceased in real life. After that initial realization, I knew that I was dreaming. I checked my hands and their alluring shape confirmed my suspicion.

Now I must say that for a long time, I had had a question at the back of my mind that I wanted to ask the Dream itself. But I had never dared to ask. I had communicated several times with the consciousness behind the dream, whom I called “the architect” (a name that It gave me itself), but I still didn’t know with what or whom I was communicating.

So in the dream, I raised my hands up to heaven (not in a religious way, but symbolically, because to me that dream-sky symbolized the veil between me and the supra-consciousness behind the dreamscape) and I yelled out, “Architect, what are you and who are you? I need to understand.”

Then everything shifted around me. I lay in a kind of misty darkness. And then up above me, in the middle of the darkness, a ceiling appeared. On that ceiling, there was a fresco; it represented the face of a very beautiful woman. It reminded me of the Virgin Mary, but it was not religious, it was beyond religion. Then I floated down to the ground and next to me, there was another woman, and I knew in my heart that she was a messenger. So I asked her, “Who is the Architect and how should I call it?”

The woman replied something strange at first, “Call her the ptess” (as we were speaking in French, she actually said “ptéesse”, a pun on the word “déesse” meaning “goddess”).

I was a bit puzzled by the reply, so I asked her to explain why she changed the letter “d” for “pt”, and she said, “Because SHE invented the letter D, so she knows better than you do. She is the Goddess.” Then I asked her if the goddess was immortal, and she said, “No, not any more than human beings are.” The reply puzzled me again, and I said that I believed that what religion calls God/gods are eternal and immortal beings.

She replied that my belief was wrong — that there was ONE eternal source, who gave birth to gods and goddesses, and that we human beings believe ourselves to be so small and unworthy, whereas we are actually sons and daughters of God. (I do have the feeling that I have talked with some higher consciousness, possibly what the Kabbalah calls the Shekhina, the Creatress, or Divine Feminine.)

Then the dream continued. I saw a window on a wall in front of me. Through the window, I could see a dark, cloudy sky. I called out to the Goddess and I said, “Goddess, come and heal your child” (I am a Type 1 diabetic, and have endeavored to cure myself of the disease through lucid dreams for several months now). There was a flash of lightning and then a white, luminous woman appeared. She looked like the statue of the Virgin Mary in Christian churches, only it was far beyond that.

The light-woman glided through the window and stood before me. She asked me to take off my shirt so that she may touch the region of the pancreas. She lay hands on the pancreas and I felt a wave of energy rush through me. Then she said, “What about your eye?” I explained my eye problem and she touched my eye, which in the dream, healed instantly (although it has not happened yet in real life).

Then I woke up in a room, soon to realise that it was not my bedroom and that I was still in a lucid dream. I decided to take a flight through the window, and I had the most epic flight of my life! I travelled through France and flew across amazingly beautiful lakes and forests. Then I soared up to the sky and I grazed the clouds. All the while, I was singing songs of praise and happiness. I am confident that the healing that took place in the dreamscape will soon manifest in the flesh.