Jim Feichtl – The Peninsula Book Club in Lucid Dreaming

I am at a house and I want to go to Walgreens to get some antacids. I expect the Walgreens to be in a small strip mall around the corner from the house I am at. I start out on a bicycle. I almost get caught in mud on the way out of the yard. There is small strip mall around the corner, but no Walgreens.

I walk through two fast food stores and at the end there is a ramp leading down to a basement. There is a chair there with fabric similar to one I own. I assume they are doing reupholstering in the basement. A man comes out to smoke a cigarette. I ask him where the Walgreens is. He starts to give me some long explanation about how far I have to go, which doesn’t make sense since I know it was just around the corner from where I started. He seems to just want to talk incessantly. I don’t want to listen, so I excuse myself and start down the street.

There is another small strip mall with no Walgreens. Somehow, I am now travelling as though I am in a car except none of the physical elements of a car are there. I seem to be operating it though. I’m zooming along and then am suddenly no longer in an urban area, but am pulling up a dirt road to an abandoned farm with a burned-out barn. This seems too strange and I become lucid.

I relinquish any control of the formless car I am in and it heads for a small pile of dirt, goes into it and stops. I get out and start jumping up and floating down. I jump higher and higher almost touching the top of the barn. I remember the things I incubated while awake and find my hands. They look a little strange and seem to be changing color, although I’m not sure it isn’t just soot from touching the burned-out barn.

I remember I want to do dream healing. As I start Ed Kellogg’s rhyming chant to shoot an energy beam from my hands, I see a male figure walking away from me between two overgrown and dried out fields. I want to follow and talk to him, but also want to do my healing. I complete my chant, but don’t really see any energy beam and by that time the figure is running away from me. I run after him shouting for him not to run away. Then I notice a female figure running towards us. Both of them turn into the field on my right. I catch up and turn in to follow them. Somehow the male figure is now far away on the other side of the field, but I can see the female figure going deeper into the field. The terrain is like dried grass with stalks taller than me.

As I go deeper into the field it becomes foggier and foggier until I cannot see anything but fog (before sleep I was reading Journey to Ixtlan where Carlos Castaneda and Don Juan are talking about Castaneda’s encounter with a fog bank with a bridge in it). Not being able to see anything I turn around and start back out of the field. The fog lifts as I get closer to the edge until finally it is completely clear again.

Suddenly I am in a large hall with lots of long tables with lots of people sitting at them and other figures milling about and talking. I turn to a male figure next to me and ask him what he represents. He chuckles and says, “I don’t represent anyone. This is the Peninsula Book Club.” I tell him this is a dream and then, to demonstrate, I jump up, do a slow mid-air back flip and then zoom low over the heads of the figures at the long table in front of me. I land and say, “See. I could never do that in waking reality.”

I explain that most of the people there are creations from my mind. The figures all look a bit dumbfounded. I shout out for all thought forms to disappear. Then I watch as the figures at the table in front of me turn transparent and evaporate. I look around the hall and figures all over at the other tables are doing the same thing until there are just two tables with figures left seated at them, one close by to my right and one fairly far off to my left. I go up the table on my right to talk to a female figure there. She speaks first and is confused that this could be a dream, because I seem so coherent and wide awake.

I explain that this is a lucid dream. I proceed through the whole explanation of what lucid dreaming is (maybe more for myself than the figures I am talking to). I am starting to explain that we all must be sharing a dream space when I notice that all the figures at the table from far behind me have now come over and gathered around me. They are all male dressed in dark suits. One who has a familiar face reaches out and shakes my hand and says, “When the moon turns purple then it is our turn to rule the world.” I am still shaking his hand and I ask him  to repeat what he said. He does and then I repeat it twice to try and make sure I don’t forget it. I wake myself up so I can record all this in my dream journal.