Jim Feichtl – Tee Time in Lucid Dreaming

I am at a golf course as part of a tournament. I have arrived at the course very early. My tee time is 1:04. Suddenly I am out playing the first hole with someone else before the tournament actually starts. I am not sure who the other person is and even though we are walking and hitting shots we never seem to reach the first green. Eventually I say to the other person that I am going back to the clubhouse to see if we are starting the tournament and to get something to eat.

There are four other players coming down the first fairway as I am walking back, but as I walk by the first tee there is no one there. I walk by a table set with lots of food (chicken and bread is what I remember). I have the impression there are people around. I drop my clubs and go into the clubhouse. The clubhouse is set up like a classroom with the little seats where the right arm is a little writing area. The seats are all filled with people. The last one I walk past in the front, on my way to the counter where the starter is, has a man with a young girl sitting in his lap. I go up to the starter and tell him my tee time is 1:04. He tells me I missed it.

I look at a clock on the wall and it says 1:21, but no one else from the tournament is there and no one else is waiting. I ask for the names of the players who are on the first tee. He can’t seem to find them. The tournament director is there; he is Sean Spicer (Trump’s Press Secretary). I tell the starter I will check on the tee. As I walk back outside I can’t locate where I dropped my clubs. This leads me to think I might be dreaming, so I try jumping up. I levitate, but everything goes black.

I decide not to worry about not being able to see and put my arms out to try and fly like Superman. Instead of flying I get the sense that I am falling and so I stop. Still levitating I decide to do back flips in the air. I spin a little bit then find myself back on the ground with everything lit again. I remember wanting to try lucid dream healing and try to project healing energy into my heart. A blue light appears between my hands and my chest.

A woman appears at my side who appears to be chuckling. I ask her why, but I cannot remember her exact response. Something about the blue light. I ask her if she knows that I am in a lucid dream, but I don’t wait for a response. Instead my focus shifts back to myself and I say, “This is all very weird.” The woman says something else to me and then removes her pants and stands naked from the waist down. She starts casually rubbing her pants against her ass cheek, saying something about running with a cake. Two or three other dream figures come up to her and they all start talking to each other, ignoring me. The dream dissolves and I wake up.