Jim Feichtl – Elephants, Horses
and Dogs  in Lucid Dreaming

I’m walking down a tree-lined country road. There is a large fallow farm field to my left and a beautiful blue sky. The colors are striking. As I am gazing up at the sky two gray, winged elephants slowly fly across my field of vision. I think, “That’s odd, this must be a dream,” so I try leaping up. I begin flying and realize I am in a dream.

Everything stays brightly lit this time. I believe I did a little flying, but really did not have any intended destination, so I just sort of stayed where I was. I did find my hands while I was flying. I am just sort of soaring over the field I had seen from the road.

Three horses come running up under me. I distinctly know there are three of them, but they move like a single entity. They stop under me and turn into one horse-sized dog and one small dog, but still like they are one entity. They start barking, but the sound is muted. As I strain to hear the sound it seems maybe they aren’t barking, but actually speaking words—but I cannot make out the words. I remembered to ask for clarity, but nothing happens. I wake up.