Jim Feichtl – Dinosaur Trigger in Lucid Dreaming

It seems like the start of this dream is at the house where I grew up in Eastern PA. I’m at a golf course just down the street (where there is no golf course in waking reality), in a clubhouse with other people. I’m trying to find out where the first tee is but none of the dream figures will tell me anything. Finally I see a course map and figure out where to go. I start to go there carrying my golf bag (I never carry my bag in waking reality), which seems to have no weight.

As I start to walk on the path which should lead me to the first tee, a group of strange-looking creatures come running alongside of me (brightly colored, feathered dinosaurs, but only about three feet tall). One of them bumps into me. This jolts me into thinking this might be a dream. To check I try jumping up. On the first jump nothing happens. I try again and on the second jump I take off flying and I realize I am in a dream, but everything goes dark, like I closed my eyes.

I try to force myself to open my eyes and when I finally do I lose lucidity and dream that I wake up in the bottom bunk bed of my youth. I think that I should write down my lucid dream information in my journal (which I placed next to my waking reality bed). I look for the journal, but instead find lots of different kinds of greeting cards (birthday, Christmas) on the stand next to my bed. A radio is on, then my brother enters the room. I have the journal, but I can’t really write anything. Then I actually do wake up.