Jillian Brunner – My First Successful Lucid Dream in Lucid Dreaming


As I lay in my bed asleep, I feel the strange, yet familiar, sensation of turning and feeling a massive sense of energy buzzing through my body. I have done some research, and suddenly I realize, ‘I am asleep! This means I can have a lucid dream!’ I‘m excited, but I stay focused.


The dream scene is a black emptiness. The first thing I can think of is to fly. I realize that I‘m standing in the front yard of my childhood home in Arkansas. As I start hovering in the air like I‘m standing on a skateboard, I do not have a lot of control. My feet fly up underneath me, and I‘m shocked that flying is a challenge. I quickly get my bearings and look down. I see my 6-year-old son swinging in a tall, red swing set in my front yard. He is smiling, waving, and happy to see me. I think he even says, ‘Hi.’ I am unable to speak, but I wave back and smile.


I do not immediately see my 3-yearold daughter and it worries me; I wonder what this means. Moments later, she comes from behind a tree, and she‘s wearing a dress. She never looks at me and is busy playing in the grass. I decide to go look for my husband. I fly to the end of my street, look around, and see my high school gym where it‘s located in real life. Out of nowhere comes my husband, jogging next to me down the street now that I‘m no longer flying. I‘m happy to see him smiling at me and we greet each other. I take off and say, “Let‘s race!” He catches up to me and jokes that I got a head start. I kiss him on the cheek, and am amazed at how real it feels. I even feel his beard poke my face.


Suddenly, the dream scene is going black, but I know I‘m still jogging. I bump into Chris, and a lighter falls out of my pocket. We bend down and I say, ‘We need to quit anyway.’ I decide to end the dream.


I was so excited that I went into the other room to wake him. He said he was just having a dream about us and the last thing he remembers saying was, ‘Let‘s go smoke a cigarette and we‘ll talk about it.’ We go in the other room and discover a green lighter in the pocket of my sweatshirt, just like in the dream.