Jesse Mitchell – Campsite in Lucid Dreaming

I get lucid at a lake in Guatemala, where I did a lucid dreaming retreat. I look at a volcano and make it erupt and then make the sky shoot lightning from all directions into the lake. I turn and see my teacher on the retreat and she looks much younger. I lose lucidity but gain it again at a festival.

I go to a stage to watch a screen projection and intend to see one created by my highest creativity. The video on the stage is split into four screens and is divided by a TV-static kind of look. The colours are beautiful and I can see my face in the top left corner.

I go and find my friend at another stage and ask him for some DMT to smoke. We get it all ready but need to find a lighter but it’s difficult and I wake up. I get up out of bed and look at the moon. I decide I should try do it again but in a calmer environment as the crowd was very chaotic.

So I go back to bed and get lucid shortly later. I get the same friend to sit in a car with me and make all the ingredients appear (lighter, pipe, DMT). He lights me up and I instantly see two more of himself replicated and turning to look at me from the two front seats. All this happens as I’m hearing a bass canon drop and rushing forward into a fractal.

I go through the DMT experiences just as if I had done it awake. Then I false awaken to a person at my campsite shaking me awake. She says, “Its 8.30, time to clean up the campsite.” I got up and cleaned for about half an hour and then woke up for real.