Jesse H – Intricate and Complex Geometry in Lucid Dreaming

I dreamed that I was at an old house with a few people that I didn’t know. There was a woman with me who had black hair and milky white skin. We were sitting on a recliner together having drinks. She was rubbing her face next to mine which felt so good I let go of my drink and it spilled all over myself in the recliner. She was upset so I tried cleaning it, then went to the bathroom down the hall to clean my pants.

In the bathroom I took off my clothes but when I looked in the mirror my face and torso were so distorted that I immediately realized I was in a dream. My initial excitement caused my image to fade. As I felt the dream fading, I held up both of my hands and looking at them. I imagined energy being pulled from my physical body into my astral body, which I did and it worked.

The whole dream was now more vivid in clarity. I then remembered my intention to see the Lion in the Mirror. So I looked directly into my eyes and spoke out loud, “I want to see the Lion in the Mirror.” I watched my face morph into lion-esque features, but still humanlike, so again I said, “I want to see the Lion in the Mirror!” which caused my face to morph even more in the reflection; I saw a full mane with the lion’s cheeks and mouth but my own eyes. Again the dream began to fade, as though I had used up all my intention, so I quickly glanced at my hands which were distorted and drew in energy again, which again solidified the dream.

I got onto the counter and decided to go into the mirror, but now the rectangle mirror that I have in waking life and have spoken intention into was in front of the bathroom mirror. I stepped into it with my left foot first, then ducked under with my head and left arm. My right foot was the last thing in. Unlike before, it was pitch black inside. I tried to yell, “Is anyone here?” but it was so heavy and thick I could not speak. I was still partially out with my right foot as I had nothing to grab onto to pull myself the rest of the way in. So, with my left hand I grabbed the inside bottom edge of the mirror which made a glistening streak in the darkness and “pushed”, which caused me to go all the way into the void. 

I felt like I was tumbling in space, with no up or down, when I saw in the distance an orange mist of light, like a streak or spark, but with a cloud of orange way in the distance. I thought, “I want to go there!” Immediately I rushed towards it and into it and was inside a rectangular shaft that in proportion to my size was like a 4′ x 4′ square. It was entirely covered inside with geometric glowing colors that were shifting in and out of the spaces between the lines of the geometry. I remember seeing many shapes, all flying by as I moved through this shaft. I couldn’t believe that my mind could create such intricate and complex geometry, all morphing with different colors inside each of the sections of the polygons.

The geometry did not morph, only the colors, which were a mix of turquoise blue, pastel orange, yellows, greens, but all glowing. Some of the shapes were five pointed stars and each space in the star had different colors but would shift from turquoise to orange to yellow, all so complex! The shapes were about the size of my hand all overlapping each other on flat walls in a rectangular shaft. As I flew through this shaft there were corners which bent at 90° angles, but I never saw an exit. The next thing I remember I was back in the room with the people all trying to clean the chair I spilled my drink on.

They were still upset but, knowing I was in a dream, I said, “Let me try something.” I put both hands on an old beat-up recliner and said, “Become a new recliner!” Nothing happened so I walked out the front door and flew off into the sky. The people came to the door and the girl yelled, “The laws of physics tell me you can’t do that; come back!” I yelled back, “It was only a little stain and it was an accident; you should have accepted my apology!” Then I flew off and woke up from the dream.