Jennifer Spiller – Sleep Paralysis Leading to a Lucid Dream


I went to bed late (1.30 am) and found it difficult to fall asleep. The next thing I know (and I’ve experienced it before) is feeling the ‘presence’ of someone next to me in bed. I knew that I should try and relax, concentrate on my breathing, try to wriggle my toes, etc., anything, but then I was dragged off my bed. I tried to call out but nothing came out of my mouth except a weird mumbling.


I looked over to the bed and I could see someone in it — maybe me? I managed to get to the light switch by the door and then my three big dogs were there, up on hind legs trying to stop me! I actually touched them and it felt so real. Immediately I was surrounded by ‘friends’ who although I didn’t know any of them, I knew they were people who knew me and were trying to calm me down. What followed was a very lucid dream of everyday life with these people, and then I woke up in my bed (obviously bed sheets intact, as if nothing had happened). This was one hour later.


When I started to drift off again, I could feel that weird sensation and immediately forced my eyes open to wake myself up. I know that it’s nothing to worry about but I don’t always want to go back to sleep so I go downstairs and make myself a hot drink. I suppose that’s not good as it prolongs my sleep depriva-tion! This Sleep Paralysis happens maybe a couple of times every year or two years.