Jennifer Albright – My First Lucid Dream, Meeting My Deceased Brother in Lucid Dreaming


This dream happened when I was about 13 years old and was my first remembered lucid dream. I have often told the story of this dream to friends and family but never fully realized just how meaningful it was until I started reading and learning about lucid dreaming.


The dream began with me lying in bed in a small room that I immediately recognized as the convent where I had participated in a religious retreat the previous weekend. I realized at this point that I was in a dream because the room looked slightly different. The retreat had made me very uncomfortable as I have never been a particularly religious person and I immediately felt uncomfortable in this setting in my dream.


I sat up in the bed and a little boy came into the room and walked over to me. This little boy brought an immediate sense of comfort with him and I immediately recognized him as my brother, Mitchell, whom I had never met because he died as a baby before I was even born.


He motioned for me to follow him and so we walked out into the hallway. He began swimming through the air, moving his arms and legs in the same way you would if you were swimming in water. I immediately got the impression that he expected me to do the same, so I tried and found myself instantly successful. We continued “swimming” down the hallway. This whole time Mitchell kept repeating, “You have to swim through everything.”


At this point, what looked like sand started pouring out of the walls and filling the hallway, making it hard for me to continue swimming. I kept hearing Mitchell repeating “You have to swim through everything.” The sand obscured my vision of Mitchell as I struggled to keep swimming. At this point, I woke up.