Jeff Teachworth – Difficulty of Learning to Lucid Dreaming


Quite a few years ago, after I began studying lucid dreaming techniques, I had a dream which illustrated to me the difficulty of this pursuit:


As I begin the dream, I am in my old neighborhood, where some sort of monster is chasing people. Although I don’t quite see him, I am running away. As I am running, I see a man further ahead of me who is also running away. I am trying to catch up to him to find out more, saying “Wait, let me talk to you,” to him, but he keeps running and I can’t catch up to him.


Then I hear someone running behind me who is also saying something, but I don’t want to be bothered with him because I am trying to catch the guy in front of me. My feeling about him is, “Leave me the hell alone for now, I’m busy.”


As I look back, I realize that the guy running behind me looks like me. When I look again in front of me, there is no one there, and I am shocked to realize I am both persons in the dream, the one chasing and the one being chased. It’s only a matter of perspective. Then I wake up.


To me, the dream illustrates the conscious and the subconscious “dreamer” self. There is something built into us that makes the subconscious mind keep private, and my “conscious” self, who wants to meet up with it, is being shunned. The feeling I had as the self being chased was “leave me alone.”


I feel my dream illustrates the mission of becoming a lucid dreamer involves coaxing your subconscious self out of its protective shell into trusting an intimate relationship with your conscious self.