Janyce Collins – Flying in Lucid Dreaming


The other night I was dreaming and got in that delicious state where I was aware of the dream. A man in a gnarly, high HP truck was chasing a woman down the freeway. She did this brilliant fake-out maneuver using an off ramp, and, at the last second, veered back onto the freeway. I was in the RH lane and drove past him as he was negotiating the off ramp.


Our eyes met and I knew it was going to be bad. I was trying to get away in my little 4 cylinder and he was bearing down… I took an off ramp, and he was on me. I think, entirely lucid now, “OK, then I’ll just fly away.” So I opened the door and did so.


Whenever I make the decision to fly, it is usually so exciting that I awaken. I managed to breathe myself back into the dream…


It took a bit of time to find a thermal, but I hooked one, climbed out, and was smugly looking at him from far above, thinking, “Ha-ha!” But that’s when I realized that even as I had the ability to fly, he had the ability to stretch. So did his dobermans…I decided to awaken.


My lucid dreams are always about flying. It’s just where my mind goes. I’ve been doing it for a long time, and it’s never NOT been flying. (Not complaining, at all! Just wondering what it means. My favorites are when I run, extend it into leaps, and become airborne!)