Janet Mast – Merry-Go-Lucid in Lucid Dreaming

I took a break from working on this issue of the LDE to take a short nap and found myself in a series of spontaneous lucid dreams—no doubt inspired by all the dreams I’d just been formatting. In one dream:

I’m lucid, floating in dark space, looking at an array of bright stars in the distance. “I want to go to a planet—a purple planet,” I say. I find myself whooshing along through space and then downward. Somehow I end up inside a vast toy warehouse. I’m with a boy, looking up at him as we walk along, which makes me think I might be in the form of a short alien or a small child here. I recognize a Raggedy Ann doll but the other toys arranged on long tables are strange and unfamiliar. When I try to look more closely, I feel myself losing the dream.

Suddenly I remember reading in the LDE about spinning to prolong a dream. I’ve never tried this before. I try to make my body spin but it’s not working. Quickly, I wonder how I might get my body to spin, then have the idea of imagining myself on an old-fashioned merry-go-round, like the one from my childhood school playground. It’s working! This helps me to spin and the dream stabilizes. Delighted by this success, I decide I must coin the phrase “merrygo-lucid” and share this technique with others. I repeat “merry-go-lucid, merry-go-lucid” many times, and am delighted all over again to remember the phrase when I wake and get back to work.