Janet Mast – Lucidly Viewing My House Three Years in the Future in Lucid Dreaming

I find myself flying and lucid, outside in my own neighborhood, so I fly toward home and say (to the Greater Awareness behind the dream), “Show me what will be happening at my house three years from now.” I’m up fairly high in the air looking down at the house and it is a slight struggle to fly lower, as if a force wants to keep pulling me upward instead, but I persist and manage to fly down closer to the ground. First I hover in the air in the back yard, and notice the back of the house is covered in a checkerboard pattern of squares. The squares might be boards or some other kind of construction materials; my sense is of some kind of construction work going on and I think, Okay, I must be redoing the siding in three years.

I fly around toward the front yard and notice several pink-flowering spring bushes or small trees added into the landscape along the side of the front yard. Those are new, different, and I think it looks nice to have splashes of color there. As I turn to face the front of the house, I struggle a bit to maintain lucidity and remind myself to keep my eyes moving, don’t focus on any one thing for too long. Somewhere here in the middle of the front yard I see another new tree, with small muted purple-burgundy leaves—maybe a purple leaf plum tree? I’m thinking how great it is to see things flourishing here in the yard three years from now!

I fly toward the house until I’m looking in through one of the living room windows. There is only a screen in the window and (unlike in waking reality) somehow I’m able to see from the living room all the way into the kitchen, where I observe two family members, E and N. I move forward so my body is halfway through the screen and call out to them, not sure if they will be able to see and hear me, but I say something like: “Hey there! I’m here in a lucid dream, seeing what will be happening in the house three years from now!”

They acknowledge me and I’m really surprised they can see and hear me so well. I float the rest of the way into the house and into the kitchen. There’s a baby boy sitting in a high chair. E is feeding him baby food with a spoon while N is nearby. The mood in the room is happy and light. I reach out and wipe a bit of baby food or drool from beneath the baby’s chin while asking, “Who’s this?” E replies, “Ethan!” I say “Hello, Ethan!” and interact a bit with the baby, all while thinking how surprised I am to see this baby boy in the family.

I wake feeling pleased by this lucid adventure with time, wondering why my dream self asked to see three years into the future, and especially curious about the baby boy named Ethan.