Janet Mast Boerema – Massimo Hotel and Lucid Awareness to a Disaster Zone in Lucid Dreaming

This dream took place during a Dream Remote Viewing (DRV) event with a psi-dreaming practice group. The goal was to remotely view, in a dream, a secret location visited by the event host. I become lucid and recall the event – and more.

Recorded Sunday morning, June 5, 2016

I‘m in an attractive, modern hotel with a sleek, modular design and beautiful décor. It seems I work here (although I‘m not sure what I‘m supposed to be doing). I‘m trying to find a place where I might sit and write my dreams, and a pen that works. I tell someone: ―I‘m not trying to avoid work; I just need to record my dreams first!

Someone hands me a white plastic bag containing ears of freshly husked, bright yellow, sweet corn. I go to the front desk and ask for a small knife I might use to cut the corn off the cob and put it into bags for freezing. Someone mentions that Massimo owns this hotel. I say, ―You mean the violinist?‖ They say yes, that Massimo.

I go into the hotel kitchen to look for a knife. The kitchen is HUGE and filled with people. The layout has four different wings around a central meeting place, which has couches where the workers can relax. Some workers are lined up on the couches while others are standing around. Everyone crowds around and starts talking to me. I‘m amazed by how friendly everyone is here. Someone mentions nicknames and says they have someone here named River Song (like the Dr. Who character). I ask, ―Which one of you is River Song? A handsome, young, dark-skinned man steps forward, smiling at me with beautiful white teeth, and says he is ―River Song. Next I‘m joking around with a different young guy with dark hair. We poke each other in the ribs a few times, playfully.

Suddenly I realize I‘m dreaming. Now lucid, I recall the DRV task. Also – for the first time ever! – I recall Robert Waggoner‘s advice to shout a question to the Awareness Behind the Dream.

Excited, I turn and look up at a wall several stories high, preparing to shout my question. At first my voice doesn‘t work, but then I shout: ―Take me to C. [DRV event host]. Show me where C. is!‖ I lift up into the air and fly out through the building, moving effortlessly through the walls. From high in the air I look down over a landscape where I view buildings along a sandy shoreline that meets the water. This seems like a resort sort of location; I‘m thinking East Coast USA shoreline somewhere. I fly out over the water (thinking Atlantic Ocean) and keep repeating my request to go to C as I try to ascertain a location. At one point I think of ―Atlanta‖ but then think, no, that doesn‘t sound right.

Next I am flying low over a wet highway. It‘s raining, and storm clouds are forming. I watch lightning forks in the sky, then see a strange, two-pronged ―fork of thick, gray, storm clouds. The dark cloud ―fork‖ jabs toward the earth in extreme slow motion; this looks menacing. The road becomes covered by a tunnel of thick gray clouds. I fly though the cloud tunnel, then through another tunnel of white plastic.

I emerge into a surreal scene with chunks of debris on the ground, like chunks of broken buildings or infrastructure, and emergency stations set up with people crowded around. It appears that a massive emergency or disaster has happened, perhaps an attack. I keep thinking about FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) and a possible national emergency, while wondering: Where am I? What has happened here?

Walking now, I approach a table where women are handing out bottled water and other supplies. A woman asks if I need any water – or any catsup? I‘m puzzled to be offered tomato catsup at a time like this. A short distance away, I see a woman holding a newspaper. I approach her and ask if I can look at her newspaper. I want to find out where this emergency is taking place. She tries to hand me the newspaper but it floats up into the air out of reach. Later it seems I somehow retrieve the newspaper but only have a chance to glance at it briefly. (End of Dream).

Notes: I woke abruptly from this dream, feeling worried over the disaster scene and frustrated that I could not recall what I saw on the newspaper. I did feel good about becoming lucid, recalling the DRV event, and finally remembering RW‘s advice to shout a question. It turned out the DRV location was a hotel, but beyond that my dream did not match other details so it seems when I ―shouted my question to the awareness,‖ the dream force took me in a different direction, perhaps to view something more important. On Sunday, June 12, exactly one week after this dream, a deadly attack took place at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida. I do not know for sure if that is what I was viewing in this dream one week ahead but the timing is uncanny. When I saw news coverage of blood drive tables set up in Orlando, and volunteers handing out water, it reminded me of the tables set up in the end scene of my dream. It may be that I dream of ― “tomato catsup” as a less scary stand-in for blood in my dreams.