Jamila Suzanne – Shapeshifting and Simultaneous Dreams in Lucid Dreaming


I shape shift a lot in my dream time, have been aware of my sleeping body multiple times while dreaming and most recently about a month ago I had a simultaneous dream experience for the first time.


The dream started out with a street scene in a European town. Small alleys and old plaster or lime walls curving through and around brick cobblestone narrow streets. My vision was higher as if flying at a birds-eye or insect view. At the same time a visual came into play with a restaurant scene. Dull, dusky lighting and burgundy tablecloth on a circular table for two. Rudimentary silverware, glasses and a plate of appetizer snacking food in the middle. Bread, cheese, olives. No people present though.


It was as if I were waiting to see who the characters were that were going to be in the show. As I registered the second visual scene, I realized that I could see and be active in viewing both scenes at the same time. It looked as if I had two windows open equally and simultaneously on my computer screen side by side. I awoke and thought to myself, whoa….that was interesting.


The shapeshifting piece is quite frequent for me. I rarely dream myself in dreams. I‘m usually viewing a scene and not seeing my embodiment or I am taking other forms.


One of the most powerful shapeshifting dreams I‘ve had was at the beginning of joining one of Ed Kellogg‘s lucid dreaming workshops. He had asked us to find a reflective surface in a dream and share what we found when we looked into it. In my dream, I was in a Chinatown somewhere and I walked into a bustling restaurant where everyone was speaking Mandarin. I felt called to the kitchen, so I just walked through a narrow entrance and walked into maybe a 4ft wide, 12ft long corridor crowded kitchen, workers bustling about me.


I looked up on a shelf and saw a large stainless steel bowl. I went toward it and asked the bowl to show me my true reflection. As soon as I did, the bowl crumpled up like a ball of tin foil about the size of a baseball and hovered. I in turn immediately transformed into a very small ball of light. As soon as I was in light form, the metal reflective ball shot out across the room and I followed, presumably at light speed.


The metallic ball proceeded to take me on a journey through what I can only describe as wormholes. A smooth tangled mess of a labyrinth in every size and color. We traveled for what seemed like quite a long time. All the while I was in curious rapture, full attention and quite weightless. We ended up in complete blackness. What felt like ‘the abyss.’ All of our communication was telepathic. I experienced absolute tranquility.