James – Transforming in Lucid Dreaming


I wake up in bed and go to take a galantamine pill. I fumble around with it and drop it on the duvet cover. I go to pick it up and realise that the pill had split and that white powder was starting to come out of it. Scooping up the white powder, I put it in my mouth expecting a bad taste, only to find that there was no bad taste at all. My awareness sharply rises and I smiled as I realised I was dreaming without even needing to perform any reality checks.


The lack of bad taste in my mouth combined with increased awareness from taking 4 mg galantamine & 200 mg choline with WBTB allows me to gain lucidity at this point. I happily jump out of the top bunk of my bed and seamlessly end up on this road facing in the same direction. The clarity at this point is crystal clear and equivalent to waking life. It is pretty early in the morning and the sun is coming up out of view, giving the sky a very vibrant hue, typical of a morning.


I walk down the right side of the road for a bit near the curb and a cyclist on an Olympic racing bike goes past me and says, ‘Good morning.’ I say the same in return. I get to this point and remember the LC and my intention to summon R. Reaching behind myself, I call out, ‘R’ and feel someone grab on.


Upon turning around, I see R standing before me, whose appearance I sworn I had seen somewhere before. Unlike last time, I see R very plainly in a true to life fashion. We shake hands, greeting each other. Walking across the road so we were standing on the pavement just opposite of the nursery, I ask R if he can transform me into the Gillman from Creature from the Black Lagoon.


R looks puzzled for a moment and then says, ‘Right, let me get this straight. I spend all week role playing as you for the LC and then I get asked to transform you? Can’t say I‘m too familiar with this but I’ll give it a go.’ Standing before me, he whispers an incantation in a non-English language and moves his hands/fingers around in a stereotypical magician fashion. He stops and, around three seconds later, he tells me I‘m beginning to change and he chuckles happily.


Looking down at my hands, I see my nails realistically stretching out becoming claws and I distinctly see the webbing forming between my fingers. Trembling with a mix of fear/delight, R continues to chuckle away and I look down at my feet as my toe nails grow out into claws and the same webbing starts forming between my toes. As this happens, I distinctly see the armour like folds/plates forming on my legs and arms.


I lurch forward uncontrollably as I feel the changes go into my face. I distinctly feel the lower part of my face pulling forwards causing my nose to flatten and merge with my upper lip. My mouth is forced into the same fish-like shape. I also feel sharp teeth within my mouth as this happens. Glancing up, I see a wall with a poster advertising the movie, as well as a picture of the Gillman on it.


I would have preferred to have seen my skin change colour but I physically/mentally feel as though the process has finished. I look to my right and see a family that had stopped to watch my transformation. I approach a small child in the group, growl at them menacingly, and take up a stereotypical threatening 50s B movie monster posture. The child starts crying and slaps me, which jars me awake.