James – The Power of the Light in Lucid Dreaming

In the last scene of this lucid dream, I ask the dream for guidance, and, after receiving it, have a new outlook on waking life and am even able to release some of my suppressed emotions in the lucid portion of the dream. Therefore, I would say that this dream has offered me an enlightening resolution as to how to be more giving in waking life:

In the kitchen of my old house in Birmingham, I eat a donut. The lack of taste strikes me as odd and brings about my lucidity, after which I fly through the window. I request, “Show me the way out of this illusion,” and the dream says to me as if telepathically, “Go straight.” Doing as I’m instructed, I’m guided by a green beacon of light. The green trail of light soon transforms into green rings, through which I pass using a variety of aerial maneuvers. Even so, I miss a few of the rings but am able to find the dream’s intended destination, an area in which I see various friendly pit bulls (one of which converses with me much like the recurring cat of previous lucid dreams).

To this wise canine companion, I repeat, “Show me the way out of this illusion.” She says something to the effect of “The Power of the Light” being attained through giving. She also assures me that I have had various ancestors who achieved enlightenment, in order to encourage me that such a feat is possible. Stricken by a bout of inexplicable tears, I embrace one of the dogs with the intent of giving her my love.

My Interpretation: I believe the green light, which is symbolic of emotional healing, allowed me to release suppressed emotions that were detrimentally affecting my waking life. The canine dream guide also reminded me to give more love, as that is the key to the “Light”. I woke up from this dream with a greater sense of purpose and was encouraged by the message I was fortunate enough to have received.