James Sims – The Mysterious Woman with Furniture Disease in Lucid Dreaming

My first memory of this dream is a lucid one, as I am flying in a grocery store. At this point in time my consciousness splits in two. The flying version of myself is now a carton of eggs, while the human version is walking to keep up with the eggs. When I become aware of this split, I deliberately fly, causing the carton of eggs to bust open. I eat and enjoy them even though they’re raw.

Next I find myself non-lucid with two people whom I appear to have known beforehand, although I have no waking memories of them. The one whom I best remember is an old man who looks like a professor.

I begin to recognize that I’m dreaming once more and want to prove it to my companions. I do so by jumping into a pit at least twenty feet deep and then jumping out. I then explain to my old friend that the eggs in my earlier lucid scene symbolized the fertility of a woman who had supposedly gotten pregnant.

Wanting to further prove to him and myself that I’m dreaming, I fly head-on towards a large, red pickup truck. Initially, even I’m a bit nervous and am relieved to pass straight through it. Continuing to fly, I think to myself that it would be nice to converse with someone. Right at this moment appears an older African American woman, who is paradoxically young, light-skinned, and emitting a yellowish glow by the time she lands. She asks me, “Did you not know that I was flying you this whole time?” I reply, “You mean to say that you’ve flown me in every lucid dream?!” She humbly denies such a claim.

Curious about who she is, I inquire, “Are you my higher self?” Again, she humbly replies in the negative. Intuitively knowing that she’s more than a mere thought form, I request that she give me details about her physical lifetime. To this she says that her age is the same as that of her image currently being projected. I find it odd when she says she suffered from “furniture disease” in her physical form, especially since I’ve never heard of such a term. Upon waking from this dream, I immediately Google furniture disease, which leads me to a crude definition given by the Urban Dictionary. According to this site, it is the condition of old, saggy breasts that hang to the waist! Whoever this person was, perhaps she lived to be old after all.