James Sims – The Impenetrably Perfect Happiness of Our God in Lucid Dreaming

In the beginning of this dream, I tell a story of a dream I’ve had to people in an open field full of greenery. However, due to their lack of interest, I give up on summarizing my dream. Although the situation hasn’t gone as I had planned, the very fact that I was talking about dreams triggers my lucidity.

At this point, I fly through a thick cloud cover, as is the case in many of my lucid dreams. What distinguishes this dream, though, is the fact that I’m in such a meditative state that I have tunnel vision, rather than observing the scenery around me as I typically do. While I’m in this peaceful and mindful state, it occurs to me that I’ve never recited a particular A Course in Miracles quote in a lucid dream. Therefore, I say in my mind the lesson that reads, “God’s will for me is perfect happiness.”

Upon thinking of this saying, something miraculous happens because of my gratitude for acknowledging His loving will. All clouds merge into a greyish image with which I feel my consciousness is one. I see such a state of oneness as indicative of God’s happiness that is our true inheritance.

As amazing as this experience is, it does not last, as the unified image gives way to a tornado that is pulling me in. However, I maintain my same level of tranquility and mindfulness during this ordeal. Equally unaffected are the pedestrians who walk about as if the raging wind doesn’t exist.

Once the storm ceases, I ask a man seated at a table to teach me a spiritual lesson. He replies that we should refuse to act upon all of our thoughts. Perhaps my calmness and the people’s indifference regarding the storm is representative of how we should maintain our inner peace in spite of challenging moments, relying instead on the inner unconditional happiness of God that lies in each and every one of us.