James Sims – A Flight of Epic Proportions in Lucid Dreaming

I’m lucid in this dream as early as I can remember, though I have a few moments of non-lucidity. I fly during the majority of the dream, but have a brief break in my lucidity when informed that I, like my brother, will be deployed to Afghanistan. Then returning to lucidity, I realize that I’ll be going there in the 4th dimensional or astral realm. I then embark on my flight to the Middle Eastern country and run into a dream companion along the way.

After he speaks to me, I invite him to leap on my back and join me on this epic adventure in which I’m acting as a human airplane. He agrees and, before long, I find a satellite on a rooftop. I pick it up and hand it to my friend, telling him that he knows more about this stuff than I do. When passing a food stand, I grab and eat several rolls without the permission of the vendor.

In one part afterwards, I encounter a would-be enemy, whom I simply bless as I exit the room. In another scene that follows, I pass through a wall with great difficulty and begin to fade into the darkness after entering. However, I manage to recuperate the already-long dream by repeatedly rubbing my hands together. Impressed, I think to myself, “I didn’t know I could stay in a dream that long with my eyes closed!” But eventually, as I fly through a sunny Middle Eastern town, the inevitable occurs when the dream fades (this time for good).