James – Lucid Rush  in Lucid Dreaming


My lucid dream began with me asleep next to my girlfriend who at the time was pregnant with our son. In the dream we’re asleep in bed when we were awakened to a violent beating on our bedroom door. I hid my girlfriend in the closet and said, ‘I will protect you both.’ I opened the door. A black mass tackled me to the floor. I became aware that the black mass then shape-shifted into a dark doppelganger of myself.


I defeated the dark side in the hall just outside the bedroom door. I glanced at the window in the living room over the couch. I took off running and flew out the window. I was flying like a super hero would, doing all kinds of aerial stunts. It felt great! I said, ‘If I can do this, why not shoot fireballs or lightning from my hands?’Sure enough I could.


I remember using a lot of concentration to perform those feats. I fought off waking up. I then decided to see if I could throw objects with my mind. I threw over trees and telephone polls with ease. I then landed and went to see if I could throw cars with my bare hands. I did so with ease.


At that time a police officer pulled a gun on me and tried to arrest me for what I was doing. I tried one last thing: I did a Jedi mind trick and told him to put the gun on himself and pull the trigger. He did. At that point, white smoke started at my feet and seemed to do a spiraling rotation all the way up until it reached my head. And at that point I awoke in bed sweating and out of breath but had a huge rush, almost a high.