James – “Good Enough” in Lucid Dreaming


Walking through a city with an old friend, we entered a curious shop filled with antiques, old books, and strange objects. In a back room, we met a small old woman dressed in a beautiful oriental robe. We approached, and she explained that we had to kneel on one knee, repeat a chant, and perform a series of gestures, which she demonstrated. I watched closely, but could not remember the chant, so I only knelt and gestured. She responded, “Good enough.” My friend did not perform the ritual, and I could tell he thought it was silly.


She invited us to sit opposite her on two stately couches, then peered at me closely and told me (more poetically than this) that she saw something powerful in my eyes. She brought my hands together, then released them. When I opened my hands, they contained a gorgeous white bird, which I lifted to release; it fluttered off, much to my delight. As we left, I noticed the woman spooning water into her mouth from a small bowl. I tried to thank her, but my words didn’t register.


We sat on the steps outside when I became lucid, though I do not know what triggered it. I contained my giddy excitement and stabilized the dream. Grinning at my friend, I playfully asked what method of travel he’d prefer, thinking I would simply summon it into existence. At that moment, a black car screeched to a halt beside us.


The driver called for help, yelling that he’d run over a cat. I saw him holding a poor orange feline, fur matted with blood and ribs exposed. I placed my hands on the cat, intending to heal it with my lucid powers, but it only yowled in pain which startled me. I instructed the man to move over, which he did, so I sat in the driver’s seat. I drove around while we searched for help. We found a hospital ER, but it was already filled with patients, who all seemed to stare straight through us.


(As a child of six, I had a beloved and remarkably intelligent cat, whose corpse I discovered one summer day. It had been struck by a car.)