James – An Epic Dream of Recurring Them in Lucid Dreaming

In this dream, my lucidity was almost instantaneous, as I’d been meditating shortly before going to sleep. Initially, I was in a hypnogogic-like state as I fought some individual. Then the scene quickly shifted, after which I found myself in some elegant house, to which I would mysteriously return at various times throughout the dream.

It’s a bit difficult to recall the order of events in this lucid dream, as it felt quite long and had many different environmental shifts. There were at least three occasions in which I witnessed two thugs beating up a defenseless man, for whom I stood up by attacking the culprits. The intensity of these fights would inevitably provoke a shift in the environment, sending me back to the same house previously mentioned.

One moment that truly stood out in this dream is the one in which I was standing next to a group of men conversing in the streets, one of whom had a “grill” in the place of the upper row of his teeth. Feeling a bit left out the conversation, I asked this man, “You know we’re dreaming right? This isn’t reality!”The man became confused by my question, but another guy in the small crowd, who was much less shocked, nonchalantly replied, “Reality ain’t what you think it is.”

“I know,” I agreed. I then shook his hand and asked for his name, but he said nothing more.

The next interaction was to be even more mysterious. I was playing with and kissing several cats as I realized that I was at risk of losing lucidity due to these cuddly creatures’ similarities to my cats in waking life. In response to this concern, I chose to do something to stimulate my awareness. Starting a c o n v e r s a t i o n with a talking feline companion whom I’d encountered in two previous lucid dreams, I recalled the lucid dream in which I’d seen a cat named Sabetha. Almost certain this dream figure
was identical to the last, I was somewhat disappointed when she said her name was Elizabeth. However, I was not deterred from asking for the signification of talking felines in my dreams. When I inquired about Sabetha’s meaning from that previous lucid dream, Elizabeth simply and coldly replied, “It means we have a problem.” At this point in time, Elizabeth refused to elaborate any further, and I envisioned a hideous giant wielding a sharp blade. 

The fantastic lucid dream would conclude in the same beautiful house in which it had practically begun. Opening several doors, I made my way to the living room, where I saw a TV whose volume could only be raised or lowered by one bar. On the screen were the letters ‘SNP’.

While ascending to the second floor, I located a miniature windmill engraved with a baby angel on the top and a topless, headless woman below. Perplexed by the beauty of the artwork on it, I exclaimed, “I wish I could take this to waking life!”