Jaime C Dyson – My First Meeting with My Guides in Lucid Dreaming

In the dream I found myself at the house I grew up in. My mom was there and since she no longer lived there I realized I was dreaming and became lucid. I then announced, “All dream characters disappear,” and, like so often after that declaration, I was met with an empty room.

I stood there and decided I wanted to go to the ocean so I repeated, “I want to go to the ocean, I want to go to the ocean.” But nothing happened. This made me angry. I was holding a Starbucks cup and I threw it against the wall and said, “Ok, then! I want to meet my spirit guides.” I repeated this with a lot of conviction and frustration about 8 times when I was suddenly met by two men.

One was behind me and one was in front of me. They were so real that I could feel them close to me. They had accents and were trying to calm me down. My eyes were only half open since I was previously concentrating on the mantra. I could see the man in front of me. His coat was a darker green. He was so starkly real and so obviously from outside of myself. I was so overwhelmed that I actually apologized to them saying, “I’m sorry, this is too much right now,” and I forced open my eyes.

And in my bedroom, in waking life, there were two fire balls of light that flew around a bit and then went out the window. I stayed awake for some time after that. I still count this as one of my most powerful experiences.